About us/開於我們

Established in Hong Kong since 2001, the Group principally derives its revenue from manufacturing and selling cashmere garments and other apparel products under its two business arms: (i) OEM Section and (ii) apparel retail business which entails designing, procuring, marketing and retailing of cashmere and other apparel and accessories under trademarks "Casimira".

本集團建立於2001年,主要收入來源於製造、出售羊絨服裝及其他服裝產品, 經以下兩個途徑出售:1.原設備製造業務(OEM) 2. 服裝零售(由牌號"CASIMIRA"設計,採購,營銷和零售羊絨服裝及其他服裝產品)

OEM Section / 原設備製造業務(OEM)

Group's signature product line in the OEM business comprises pure and blended cashmere sweaters, for which the Group has developed a unique set of production know-hows in order to achieve the quality, appearance, texture and price points that have captured the loyalty of its customers. In addition to pure and blended cashmere products, the Group also manufactures garments using merino wool, linen and cotton.

集團在原設備製造業務的生產,包括純羊絨衫及混紡羊絨衫,而本集團已開發了一套獨特的生產知識: 如何達到質量,外觀,質地和價位從而抓獲其客戶的忠誠度。此外,除了純羊絨衫及混紡羊絨衫外,本集團也會生產美利奴羊毛,亞麻布和棉布等的服裝。

OEM customers/原設備製造業務客戶

The customers of the Group's OEM business are mostly internationally reputable apparel brand owners or chain department stores headquartered in the USA and Europe, who market their products under their own private labels and sold worldwide.


Production and quality control/生產和質量控制

All of the Group productions processes are carried out at its own production facilities located at Huizhou and Ganzhou of the PRC. The Group may also outsource certain parts of third-party subcontractors in the PRC.



Due to the high cost of quality cashmere, cashmere apparel been a high-end or luxury fashion apparel, and therefore less accessible customers with relatively lower spending power. To capture this market sector, and as part of the Group's diversification strategy and plans for expanding beyond its OEM operations, the Group leveraged its industry expertise and technical capabilities to set a foothold in the fashion apparel retail market by designing and offering collections of quality, versatile cashmere garments at affordable price points in order to attract budget-sensitive consumers who opt for fashion that offers comfort, function and value-for money.